Top 3 Carry Champions of AD Carry

Many people often search for new champions to play, mostly because they want a champion that is rewarding to play and give them some LP, well look no further, because we’ve got top 3 carry champions for AD carry!

Ad carry is the role that offers more consistent damage to the team that usually scales well into the late game and normally needs some peel in team fights in order to maximize his potential in the game.

It has different play styles such as all-in, poking and kite back, however it doesn’t change much on how the game is played on, as most of the AD carries need to to play with power spikes anyways.

This role is mostly based on mechanics as you need a lot of kite in order to be able to carry games because you’re a squishy target and anything that touches basicly hurts you. This is really fun because it brings you a great challenge as well as a great reward!

Here are your strongest carry champions for AD carry role in Season 12.

Draven: Highest damage AD carry in the early game due to his Q  that increases auto attacks damage allowing to out damage any other champion in lane. This gives him a strong lane dominance allowing him to get strong and snowball the game.

It is essential to get early kills on Draven as his passive gives him gold on each kill based on his farm and time that he caught his axes, because he has not much scaling compared to other AD carries.

This champion synergies super well with supports that have lots of damage or give him bonus damage such as Nami, Janna and Pyke.

Draven has one of the most insane power spikes, he’s able to two or three shot people with only 2 items, you should be aiming to win the game after 2 or 3 items by forcing team fights on objectives.

Twitch: He’s the only AD carry in the game that is able to go stealth, allowing him to make unexpected picks and get into different positions in skirmishes or team fights with high burst damage, snowballing the game.

He got a decent laning because of his W that slows enemies applying his passive allowing him to safely scale to level 6 where he gets bonus attack damage and range allowing him to carry most of 2 vs 2 in bot lane.

He is not much of a hard champion to execute compared to other AD carries since the only skill shot he has is a long-range ability easy to land and he’s quite safer than other champions in fights due to the extended range given from his ultimate.

Xayah: AD carry that mainly looks to poke enemies on the current meta with her lethality build. She is a safe pick into any champion as she doesn’t have to face anyone directly since she can just poke them, also her ultimate keeps her safe from potentially enemy assassins and zoning everyone from her feathers, otherwise, she can pull them with her E and completely destroy anyone in her way.

Xayah can be aggressive in lane because she got a lot of range from her Q used to poke enemy laners chunking them down creating a potential good fight or just making enemy AD carry lose minions, creating a small lead.

Her power spike is when she gets 3 items as she will be pressing q and slowing enemies with Serylda’s Grudge and hitting E every time with massive damage from armor penetration and lethality from her items, at this point if she manages to hit an ultimate in more than 3 members and pull E, everyone is dead.

You should try any of the champions above, they are all very pleasing champions to play and you won’t regret playing them!

That’s it for our top 3 strongest carry champions for AD carry role in League Of Legends, don’t forget to share our article and discuss it with your friends!

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