Five players make up a squad in the cooperative game VALORANT by taking on the roles of five different Agents. Some Agents will not be as successful in securing a match win as others due to the role-oriented gameplay.

We have listed the top Agents for Solo Queue Matchmaking in VALORANT in this guide, so you don’t need to search any farther if you’re seeking for the best Agents to get you through the top ranks in VALORANT.


The Best Class of Agents for Solo Queue

In VALORANT, solo queue matchmaking is a jumble of well-organized chaos. While players will attempt to select specific Agents to provide their team balanced roles, in reality, the typical lack of coordination and synergy amongst random individuals makes it challenging to maximize each Agent’s potential in the team.

You would be better off avoiding Agent positions that strongly depend on your teammates if you were playing Solo Queue Matchmaking. Yes, as you could have figured, do not play Sentinels. Save it for when you’re playing a full team with acquaintances you know and with whom you’ve already played.

The only classes left are Controllers, Initiators, and Duelists.


You can’t go wrong utilizing Controllers in Solo Queue because they’re typically the only Agents with a smoke ability, which makes site entrance and defense in games much simpler.

To reach their greatest potential, most Controllers need collaboration, coordination, and communication, which is rare in solo queue matchmaking.


When they have teammates who can benefit from their utility, most initiators perform at their best. As an excellent example, consider Skye and her abilities Trailblazer and Guiding Light, which function best when Skye’s allies are prepared to eliminate any enemies trapped in her dog’s or her flash’s range.


All the other Initiators share the same characteristics.

Sova needs a buddy who can swoop in and take out any foes his Recon Bolt or Owl Drone manages to capture.

Breach needs partners that can sprint in while he charges up and use his Flashpoint, Fault Line, and Rolling Thunder.

In order to effectively deploy her Prowlers and Seize, Fade also needs partners who can provide her with information about the whereabouts of her enemies.


Duelist Agents frequently perform best on their own. Duelist Agents are described as “self-sufficient fraggers who their squad expects, through talents and skills, to obtain high frags and seek out engagements first” in the official in-game description of the class.

According to theory, the Duelist class is the best Solo Queue class for winning games or having the biggest influence in competitive battles. To learn why we believe it, go to the following section.

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No. 5 Phoenix

One of the agents in VALORANT at the moment with the best balance is Phoenix. Even some would say Phoenix is too balanced.

Phoenix has a powerful flash ability, a sizable smoke/wall, and a molly skill that he may utilize to clear off corners while entering a bomb site. What’s best? If necessary, Phoenix may defend himself with his Hothands and Blaze powers.


You will frequently get matched up with random folks in VALORANT Matchmaking. Additionally, as we just discussed in the previous section, you cannot afford to depend on other players in Ranked Matches to set the pace and initiate action.

With Phoenix, you can take the initiative with your Curveball ability and, when the occasion demands it, heal up with your Blaze or Hothands skills. Oh, and every few rounds, you can execute all of this with no danger thanks to his Ultimate Ability.

#4 Raze

Raze’s powers are unmatched by any other Agent in VALORANT in terms of their capacity for damage.

Let that sink in for a moment. All of Raze’s abilities deal massive damage to areas of reasonable size. In addition to your natural aim, Raze’s skills give you the power to bombard your opponents with a ton of damage round after round.

If you know when and when to use Raze’s skills, you can quickly eliminate one or two opponents early on in the game while your allies finish out the rest of the opposing squad.

#3 Omen

For good reason, Omen is the only Agent on this list who is not a Duelist; depending on the situation, Omen may play either offensively or defensively.

Do you have a teammate who plays passive Duelist? With your paranoia and shrouded step, drive the action. Do you need to play more passively and scale back the intensity a bit? Omen’s Dark Cover is available for that.

Omen is a good choice for Solo Queue Matchmaking since he can perform a variety of roles depending on the situation your team is in and adds value to his squad whether he plays with his team or works alone.

#2 Reyna

Reyna is a great choice for Solo Queue Matchmaking if you are comfortable engaging in duels or believe your aim is razor-sharp.

Reyna is one of the VALORANT agents with the simplest objectives; she only wants to frag and get as many kills for her team as she can.

She possesses a healing ability, an escape ability, two charges of long-range flash that can cover a wide area, and an Ultimate Ability that transforms her into an attacking Juggernaut.

A skilled Reyna can dispatch several foes in a matter of seconds while escaping uninjured. You will quickly advance in the VALORANT Ranks with that much offensive firepower on your side.

When Solo Queuing in Ranked, make sure you are not tired and that your aim is perfect because Reyna’s total influence greatly depends on a player’s raw aim and rapid reflexes.

#1 Jett

Get good with Jett if you want to go up the ranks in VALORANT quickly.

A skilled Jett player may significantly alter how a match is played on both the Attacking and Defending sides, which is why the Korean Duelist has been in the top tier of VALORANT Agent Tiers for the longest.

No other Duelist can start bombsite entrance like Jett can. The best movement-based skills in VALORANT belong to Jett’s Tailwind and Updraft Abilities, which enable her to infiltrate bombsites rapidly and open doors for the rest of her team.

Jett’s Tailwind gives her the ability to maintain dangerously aggressive defensive angles so she can quickly learn the positions of the adversary.

Jett is the Ultimate Solo Queue Agent for Ranking Up Quickly in VALORANT because she provides players with the tools they need to dominate and carry their squad.

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