All you need to know to prepare for the end of League of Legends Season 11

The end of Season 11 is almost coming and it’s time to give that last push to get your highest rank possible and to be able to receive the final rewards for the season

This season there were a lot of changes in the game and players overall were satisfied with them, from new items to dragon changes.

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Once the season is over players will have a few months to get used to the new changes Riot will do for the upcoming season 12.

A lot of new changes will come for the new season and Riot already gave an insight into some of the changes the game will have.

When does LoL Season 11 end?

Before we start thinking about Season 12 and pre-season, season 11 has to end first. There’s not a specific date yet, but we believe season 11 will end around November 11, meaning that you only have one month and some days to do the last grind in the ranked ladder.

November 11 will be the last day players will have to play ranked games on Season 11, after the season is over Riot will start preparing players for season 12 with two months of pre-season so players can get used to all the changes in the game. From new items ( Mythic and Legendary), new Dragon’s updates, and new runes tree and Challenges.

If you want to grind the ladder this will be the last month to do it, the safest way to guarantee your rewards is to use Elo boosters until you have reached your rank and then play the game relaxed without any stress and wait till the season is over to receive your rewards.

What are the ranked rewards for Season 11?

Like in every season, the end of the season comes with super cool rewards for players, this year you will receive a new and cool Victorious Skin, we just don’t know yet for which champion it will be.

So if you want to grind the ladder and get your desired rank, now it’s the time to do it!

Good luck in the rift!!

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