League of legends new smurf queue

Many people have complained about losing games because of their team. This can be an excuse or it can be true, but where the truth starts? Simple. If they have a lot of games with the same patron, if a professional checks it, it can be deduced that actually, you are having an issue with your teams. Randomly the enemy mid laner it’s a lv30 account that ends with +30 kills and blaming everyone because of their mistakes. Who are those? They are smurfs

A smurf it’s not a tiny blue person, in League of Legends slang, it basically means that it’s a secondary (or tertiary account… or more) with someone who is an elo usually (much) bigger than the current one. Those are smurfs and some people claim that smurfing can ruin their game experience. This can be true since smurfs used to start in bronze or even, iron, where they play against, well, irons, and obviously, smashing them.

What did Riot do? At the beginning, nothing, now, they added something known as “smurf queue”, what does this means? Probably the first thing you are thinking. Yes. They are adding the smurfs in this queue, in other words, every smurf will (or at least, should be) matched against other smurfs, this with the purpose of making the game healthier for new players and they don’t get frustrated for being smashed over and over.

How do you get in smurf queue? Well they haven’t revealed much, but it probably has to be related with the account level, a lv30 account that starts ranking immediately will always be on smurf queue, playing against smurfs and sometimes, boosters.

Why boosters? If someone wants to play their first rankeds but don’t want to wait until getting a much suitable level for them, they can always buy elo boosting to professionals to make sure someone with experience will be in their accounts, making their best to win every game. With the smurf queue, this is basically a must, since someone that is new will not have possibilities on this queue. And if they are impatient, they will suffer.

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