How to fast climb the League of legends rank ladder

Having a hard time while we try to climb the ladder is something that all League of Legends players have already faced, from getting promotions without a single loss and in promotion loss both games and coming back down again to being in the same division for months without being able to climb.

If you’re trying to find ways to improve and climb the ladder faster, here you will have some tips to take in consideration.

Try to know what every champion in League does:

This may seem that it’s too much season there are around 160 champions, but it’s important to know what every champions does because you will face them during your journey.

Choose your favorite champions and spend time playing it:

After you take a close look at what all the champions can do, pick the one that suits you the most and spend time playing it and understanding the champion, that will make the climb much easier if you have a main champion that you know can be a game changer with him.

Try to have tips and learn from other players:

There are a lot of high elo players and elo boosters streaming on many different platforms at the moment, take some time and watch them playing. It will help you and I’m sure you will learn a lot from them that can step up your game to the next level.

Don’t worry to much about your LP, worry about improving and get better:

We all know that LP is important and that’s what makes you climb the ladder but it’s not the most important thing, if you improve and get better at the game the LP will come eventually, try to record your games and once you end the game watch the full replay and take notes on what you could have done better.

Practice tool and normal games:

If you feel frustrated and tilted of not winning ranked games yous hould take a break and in this breaks try to practice a bit, League of Legends has an awesome practice tool that you can use and you can also play normal games to test your new stuff.

Don’t tilt and take breaks:

If you lose a game and you feel tired and frustrated, playing more will only make it worse, take breaks from ranked games it’s important so you can feel good again and fresh for a new ranked game, going frustratedfor a ranked game is 70% a lost game. There are also a lot of options for elo boosting services where you can get a duo to play with you so you can learn instead of tilting in games.


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