Overwatch update on Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X should improve the performance

If you own an Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X and you have Overwatch, we are glad to inform you that the most recent patch is coming for those consoles! And it is completely free, if you want to read it all you can check the patch notes, we’ll leave them here, but let’s talk just a bit about the update.

The game performances would be improvement with this new update. Thanks to the update, new video settings have been added to prioritize whenever you want to. Resolution. Balanced. Framerate.

With resolution mode the resolution would be improved at expense of image quality. On Xbox Series X it will be at 4K / 60Hz and on Xbox Series S at 1440p / 60 Hz.

With balanced the image quality it’s better at expense of resolution. On Xbox Series X will be at 1440p / 60 Hz and on Xbox Series S at 1080p / 60 Hz.

With Framerate it’s for performance at expense of image and resolution quality. On Xbox Series X would be at 1440p / 120Hz and on Xbox Series S 1080p / 120Hz.

Blizzard has yet to comment if this update is also coming for PS5, for now, it’s only available on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but hopefully PS5 user will have the opportunity to have this useful update! We need to wait for Blizzard comments and announcements.

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