Overwatch on consoles

Some good games likes to be on different platforms, Blizzard is not the exception with Overwatch, it is on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, it was developed on Switch on 2019, it is pretty recent. You would say, cool! How is it? It is actually good, since the Nintendo Switch gives tools to play it in a comfortable way. Same with PS4 and Xbox One, of course, the PC, because we didn’t say the obvious, Overwatch is on PC too, feels very nice, the main difference is the in-game chat, for obvious reasons in PC is much easier to communicate writing, on consoles, the main way is via voice communication. That isn’t bad, but not all players are willing to talk with each others, some just play with muted communications because are only looking for fun or doesn’t care about something else, like the competitive game.

Even with this, the competitive gameplay on consoles is still quite high, and of course, if you are stucked on any tier, there are people that can directly help you to get out that elo, they are known as elo boosters and they also have consoles. Not every website offers boosting on consoles, but some does offer boosting on consoles. Sadly, there are not many boosters on Nintendo Switch, but there are in PS4 and Xbox One, many, that can and will help you to get the rank you wish. Remember that many of them are 4400 SR + players. Years of experience.

Is mouse better than controls? For aiming, well, yes, but control is still quite good for movement, for aiming, every shooter has a very very small aimbot to help with that, fair enough.

Hanzo | Wiki Overwatch | Fandom

What will the Overwatch players on console do when Overwatch 2 arrives? According to Blizzard, they will share maps, heroes and updates, so you don’t have to buy another Overwatch on your console, but most probably the Nintendo Switch boosting will also come as popular thing on every website that offers the service! The hype can’t wait anymore, let’s hope the wait is worth it.

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