top CHAMPIONS TO GET YOU OUT OF gold season 2024

The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

For many League of Legends enthusiasts, the primary obstacle to overcome when advancing up the ranked ladder is the divide between Gold and the higher tiers. It can be difficult to break through to the next level without a significant amount of time, effort, and practice, along with honing one’s decision-making and mechanical abilities.

However, there are certain champions that can make the climb less arduous due to their high damage output and utility, as well as their versatility and ease of use in a variety of team compositions. Whether you’re battling in the top lane, fighting with a partner in the bottom lane, or anywhere in between, this rank presents a formidable challenge for players in any role. Here are some of the best champions to play when trying to escape Gold in League of Legends.


Jax, o Grão-Mestre das Armas - League of Legends

Jax has quickly become one of the most popular champions in Gold after his recent rework, with over 600,000 games played according to U.GG. Due to his relatively simple kit, the Grandmaster of Arms excels at dueling against almost any melee champion throughout the game, while also providing a powerful split-pushing threat. He can also use his Counter Strike to dive into the enemy backline. This moves him out of the way of all auto-attacks and stuns all enemies around him.


Amumu, a Múmia Triste - League of Legends

Amumu is another highly-played champion that packs a lot of punch in a straightforward kit, making him an ideal choice for junglers looking to escape Gold. His jungle clearing is uncomplicated, and his game plan is easy to understand – hit a Bandage Toss into the middle of the enemy team and lock down as many people as possible with his ultimate ability, Curse of the Sad Mummy. Whether you’re setting up early ganks or finding a game-winning teamfight, Amumu will always be a strong pick for multiple team compositions that need a tanky engage pick.


Lux, a Dama da Luz - League of Legends

If you’re searching for a traditional mid laner that offers a lot of catch, crowd control, and burst damage, Lux is one of the best champions to add to your arsenal. Her early laning phase is manageable, as she can clear waves from a distance with her Lucent Singularity. In the later stages of a match, her ability to lock down enemies and quickly burst them with her Light Binding-Lucent Singularity-Final Spark combination is tough to beat.

Miss Fortune

League of Legends: Ranking All the Best Miss Fortune Skins

Miss Fortune is a versatile champion that can be built in three different ways, making her a great choice for AD carries who want their own crowd control and attack speed boost, as well as a powerful area-of-effect ultimate ability. The Bounty Hunter can be built with lethality to make her Double Up do more damage or with attack speed to make her Strut passive work better. She can even be built AP if she wishes to swap to support, dealing massive amounts of magic damage with her Make it Rain.


Heimerdinger, the Revered Inventor - League of Legends

Heimerdinger is a newer champion who has risen to prominence in the support role, and for good reason. The most popular inventor in Runeterra can put a lot of pressure on the lane by placing turrets in front of his lane partner. This keeps the enemy bottom lane from even getting close to the wave. His turrets are also very useful for blocking skill shots like hooks and grabs, which are great for countering tower dives and other ganks. Additionally, he has a good amount of crowd control and damage of his own that can rival many other supports in his class.

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