The Pitfalls of Using This Reyna Method in VALORANT

The information in this post has been updated for 2024.

A Reddit user has recently suggested a potential technique for playing the VALORANT character Reyna. The idea is to bind Reyna’s “Dismiss” ability to the left click button so that it is automatically used after obtaining a kill.

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However, this strategy has raised several concerns and may not be the best option for players. The primary issue is that Reyna only has two charges of Dismiss per round and this tech would result in immediately using both charges after the first two kills.

In games like VALORANT, it is important to consider the situation before using abilities, and this applies to Reyna’s Dismiss as well. Players may choose to Dismiss to get to a safer location after a kill, or they may save it for later if the enemy team is spread out on the map. This tech eliminates the ability to make these decisions, and players would also not be able to heal using Reyna’s “Devour” ability.

Additionally, there is a three-second window after obtaining a kill for Reyna to use either Dismiss or Devour. Players may choose to wait and assess the situation before using either ability, but this tech takes away the option to do so.

Finally, some have pointed out that this tech was more effective when Reyna had four Dismiss charges instead of two. However, with Reyna’s current two charges, it may not be worth using this tech and instead players should focus on deciding whether or not to use Dismiss based on the situation at hand.

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