Is Riot aware of the never-ending loading bug in the game right now?

This is something common in the last months on League of Legends, 5 games out of 10 someone never connects because their client crashes during loading. The game just keeps loading and you don’t even notice that is bugged and when you finally see it, you try to connect to the game and the game is already going which is super bad.

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The problem is, the player that is stuck during loading counts as connected during the first minute and then there is a notification that the player disconnected, and because of that, you are not able to remake the game and have to play all the game without a player or when the player joins the game is already to late.

As a result, the team has an AFK player since the game starts and remake is not an option. Riot needs to do something about it because it’s not happening to just one player, this has been a common issue for everyone, and you need to Alt F4, log in and reconnect again in order to join the game.

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This has happened to me also and I couldn’t Alt F4 to reconnect again, I legit had to restart my pc and log in on League of Legends client again to join the game, but when I joined it was already too late and I and my team lost the game.

I’m not sure if Riot is aware of this problem, but from all the threads and posts I saw with everyone complaining about it, Riot should have checked it already, but the problem still persists and this is something that can’t be happening for so long, it needs to be fixed and Riot should solve it right now because this is not a good thing for players to experience, let’s say you need to bank your games to keep your Master rank and this happens in 3 out of 6 games, you will just get demoted to Diamond again and Riot will tell you ” Keep playing you will get Master again”, we should not have this problem and be punished because of Riot problems with client.

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