How do I know if elo boost is safe

That is a very nice question, there are some old stories about people who got banned for buying elo boost, or people who lost their money or had a bad service, those stories usually don’t let us take a simple decision: Should I?

Most people who got scammed or had bad experiences didn’t know where to look for this service; yes, every high elo player can boost, because they have the skill and knowledge to do it, but there is a huge difference between a player no one knows, doesn’t matter if is Challenger, and a player who works for a business, a boosting website. The difference is simple: confidence. I would feel more secure if I trust my account credentials to a website which have been on the business for 5 years or even more.

With years of experience, 24/7 customer support, monkey back insurance and others available features, you can make an idea of how good the website is in case you are not satisfied. But even with that there are extra options if you have still not decided, for example, the most popular option is choosing the specific champs you want the booster to play, you’ll just need to select at least 3 champions for 2 roles, with that set the booster will stick to those roles and champions.

Extra options on Eloboostleague

If you are wondering what rank the boosters are, websites with recognition does not hire people under Master, that means only certified Master players will be able to boost here, customers accounts will be safe from the beginning, they are in good hands. Also, boosters will always use VPN and offline mode, if they (the boosters) are not from your country, then the solution is using a VPN. Also, if you are afraid that your friends watch you suddenly climbing, the boosters also use offline mode. The offline mode just means you will appear, as the name says, offline, even while playing.

If you don’t wish to give your account credentials, doesn’t matter! There are even more options, you can choose play with the booster instead of the booster playing in your account, this means you’ll be in the same game with the booster, the booster using another account in your same elo, with this specific option you can also ask for advices and watch live how the booster manages to carry the game, then, when you get the desired rank, you’ll have learned, climbing and improving, it seems simple, right? Because it is! Give it a try

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