Best Top lane champions for boosting

Have you ever thought about what champions do the booster plays? A lot of them plays their OTP (One Trick Pony), people who only plays 1 champion because they like it or they are just really, really, really good with it, but talking in general terms, there are champions that are good for Solo Q, which is translated as: good for boosting, and a lot of boosters plays them in Top Lane to stomp their enemies, let’s see a few of them:


This is probably the best top laner champion for boosting, Jax have always been an OP champ, with tons of opportunities, gameplays, game styles, and, of course, damage. What makes Jax so good? He has a bit of everything, Stun, dodge, gap close, way to escape, Atk. Speed, hybrid damage, tankiness with his ultimate. He can directly fight at level 1 without a problem for his E (Counterstrike), at level 2 he gank jump with his Q and E into the enemy and smash them, at lv3 can reset autoattacks or just power his Q. His third autoattack at lv6 deals (a lot of) extra damage, with the current Blade of Ruined King (Patch 10.14) his autos are one of the best tools in the game. Also, with Trinity, he can reset his autoattacks every 2 seconds, almost 3, which is the w’s CD. Many boosters love to play Jax for this, and also, Mecha Jax is an amazing skin.


Yep, another splitpusher, Tryndamere has one of the strongest lv1 when his fury is fully charged, because he has 35% free critical chance at lv1, a critic at lv1 deals 125 damage, and champions only have around 600 health at that level, a critic from Trynd will probably take the enemy out of the lane. He can perma push because he doesn’t use mana and can heal himself with his Q every single time he wants (of course thinking in its cooldown). After lv6 he can directly perma push and get ganked every time and just run away with E or just… fight, because Tryndamere doesn’t die. In a literal way, he doesn’t die, his R avoid him from dying for 5 seconds and charges enough fury to have at least the half of it, at lv1. At R’s lv3 he gets 100 fury, 35% critical chance with just a button, Yep, boosted, that’s why a lot of boosters love playing him, perma split, perma fight, perma win.


Fiora is the best besides Jax, she has true damage, a parry what stuns for 2,25 seconds or slows and removes Atk. speed for that time. She has a lot of mobility and her mana costs are pretty low; in late game she’s unstoppable, she can even win against Trynd and Jax if you are enough skilled, and of course, a booster can be. Her ultimate deals a lot of true damage and, if explodes the 4 marks or the opponent die with at least 1 mark exploded, a circle of healing will raise, and its duration depends on the amount of marks exploded. Utility, splitpush, damage, more damage. A perfect champion for boosting.

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